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Data Security and Privacy in TEC: What You Need to Know

January 9, 2024
Data Security and Privacy in TEC

Data security and privacy in TEC is not only crucial, it carries legal implications.

In an era where data holds so much value, its protection and safeguarding requires the utmost attention.

As we integrate digital solutions further into the care sector, the amount of personal and health-related data being generated is monumental. This surge not only necessitates stringent data security measures but also reiterates the essence of privacy.

Why is data security crucial in TEC?

The digital transition in the care sector means a plethora of sensitive data - from medical history to real-time health metrics – they are regularly being collected, processed, and stored. Any breach or misuse of this information can lead to severe repercussions, both for the individual concerned and the care provider. Such violations not only undermine the trust placed in these institutions but can also attract legal implications.

Privacy: A fundamental right, not a luxury

While data security focuses on protecting data from breaches and cyber-attacks, privacy is about respecting and safeguarding the rights of individuals. In the TEC sector, this means ensuring that data collected serves its primary purpose without being misused or exploited. It also involves being transparent about what data is being collected, how it's being used, and granting individuals the autonomy over their information.

Navigating the regulatory landscape

Compliance with privacy regulations is not just a matter of ethical responsibility but a legal mandate.

The EU have put regulations such as the GDPR in place, which sets the bar for data protection. It's crucial for care providers to familiarise themselves with these regulations and ensure their digital solutions align with them.

Everon: Setting the standard

As a European leader in digital grouped living solutions, Everon understands the importance of data. Since 2007, we have provided secure and compliant solutions across Finland, Sweden and most recently, the UK. Everon's platform is designed with both security and privacy at the forefront. Our industry certification, ISO 27001 and our Cyber Essentials accreditation, alongside wireless configurations that adapt to individual needs across multiple care settings providing encrypted data storage and transmission, our commitment to upholding the highest data standards is unwavering.

In conclusion, as the horizon of TEC expands, the responsibility of care providers intensifies. Data security and privacy aren't just technical challenges but moral obligations. By understanding the importance of both, and by partnering with industry leaders, care providers can ensure they are not only providing top-tier care but also protecting the fundamental rights of those they serve.

Everon's mission is to deliver innovative digital living solutions which support vulnerable individuals to live happy, productive, and independent lives. Book a free demo to understand how our solutions prioritise data security and uphold privacy standards.

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