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Delivering innovative and trusted digital living solutions that enhance life. Monitoring people's health from anywhere, helping to provide better care.

The Ecosystem

A seamless ecosystem

The Everon solution offers a ‘plug and play’ installation with no need for inline wiring. A choice of wireless telecare and telehealth sensors can be tailored to suit your specific needs.
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Empowering Independence

Extended quality of life

Connect users to family, friends, and caregivers, helping to combat isolation and promote mental and wellbeing.

Increased freedom

Enables people to stay in their own homes for a longer period of time and reduce the need for in-person care.

Enhanced safety

Intelligent technology that helps you to make the right intervention at the right time, ensuring a rapid response in emergency cases.

Improving health with intelligent technology

Our combined technology and artificial intelligence deliver life-changing outcomes to support independent living for those that need it most.
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Digital Switchover

With the cut off date to the digital switchover drawing closer, the white paper outlines important changes impacting the digital transition.
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We may already have the answers to your questions

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Yes. Our solution is fully end-end digital.
Yes. We are compatible with all Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC’s), and we are able to connect digitally or analogue where the ARC does not support digital.
Yes. Our solution is reliant on a standard 3-pin plug socket only. We have no need for in-line wiring meaning no alterations to the fabric of any building/structure.
We have 4 levels of resilience – Non-steered roaming SIM / eSIM, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.
Yes. This works through or MESH system. This means that any individual wearing a pendant can raise an alert from anywhere onsite. This could be in a communal area, or outside another dwelling – the alert will be picked up by the nearest hub and sent to the care team for assistance.
Yes. The wardens will have access to multiple sites if required and access is all cloud based so access can be from anywhere at any time. The Everon App is available on iOS and Android through the App Store or Google Play Store.
Yes. We can integrate into door entry systems. This is done by using whitelisted numbers that call specific flats on arrival for the resident or care teams to permit access.
Yes. We install a simple radio token which allows alerts to be raised and communication to happen through different devices. This is done at point of installation so the system is fully connected through fire panels, heats and smokes etc.
Yes. We have a desktop portal that will give ‘live’ data of all assets that are installed. This details what is online, recent lost connections, low batteries, no connections in 24 hrs. This is supplied to all sites at no extra cost.
Yes. The system can be tailored so suit specific requirements. The alerts can be setup to go to a family member, care teams or the ARC or a mixture depending on needs.