The Ecosystem

Our technology contains important features such as fall detection, location identification, and constant connectivity heartbeats. All centred around prevention and responding rapidly in an emergency.
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The Origon Hub

The Hub is designed to ensure no central point of failure and can locate an individual when accidents and incidents arise.
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Obsidian Pendant

The Obsidian personal alarm is the world’s first jewellery inspired pendant. With its discreet button and integrated LED, the Obsidian provides peace of mind and reassurance while eliminating stigma and concealing vulnerability.
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OnOn Smart Sensor

Our OnOn Smart Sensor comes from a vision of being able to be with and supervise people at risk, always, without compromising their privacy and integrity.
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This smart sensor can monitor and send alerts for a variety of incidents. It has an inbuilt PIR sensor, it can measure high and low temperature, C02 levels and humidity.
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This watch was designed to ensure the user lives a longer more active and independent life. It gives the user the opportunity to monitor their own wellbeing as well as sharing the data with their family members.
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Mobile App

Our mobile app is used by management teams, carers, or nurses to receive and accept alerts from their residents generated from any of their peripherals.
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Device Management Portal (DMP)

Our DMP can be used by any approved team members of an organisation, from any location where there is an internet connection or mobile signal. From the DMP, you can quickly and easily see the status of all connected equipment (red offline, green online).
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Akuvox Video Door Entry

The Akuvox R29C SIP Touchscreen Intercom is one of the most advanced, smart IP door intercom devices on today's market.

Featuring a high-impact touchscreen interface with intuitive Android-based user interface, this smart door phone device offers a wide range of authentication options for door intercom and access control systems. 
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Lock Solutions

Our digital lock solutions for care homes and assisted living is adapted to create a high level of security for all residents. Every lock is individual, which means only the person who lives in that room has access.
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Aquarate Hydracare

Hydracare technology ensures accurate, automated fluid monitoring to increase hydration and reduce incidences of dehydration in health and social care patients.
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Howz Active Daily Living +

Howz is a Connected Care platform that helps people live longer, healthier lives at home. It uses remote monitoring technologies to identify potential risks, flagging problems before they become a crisis.
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