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Everon Approved Connectivity Partnership

Everon UK have excellent and longstanding relationships with many Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Service Providers; many of whom are rapidly progressing with their analogue to digital service transformation and are enjoying the flexible benefits of Everon’s Digital Grouped Living solutions.

Many of our supply partners choose to place their call handling with one of the UK`s alarm receiving centres, and we are delighted that we can positively assist any commissioners planned transformation.
Call us to discuss your project, arrange configuration and testing dates
As European market leader, Everon has been providing digital solutions since 2007, supporting 70,000+ clients pa
Final meeting to feedback test results with the outcome to either resolve anything outstanding or approve testing as successful
On completion of the process, you’ll be awarded a certificate and listed as one of Everon’s approved Alarm Connectivity Partners

Industry Partners

The Tech Alliance group brings together people with lived and learned experience, TEC companies, commissioners, care providers and voluntary organisations. The Action Alliance is examining the benefits and barriers to the community care and support options that are enabled by technology.
Everon Have a strategic relationship with Howz integrating their remote monitoring technology that builds a round-the-clock view of behaviour at home identifying the key indicators of hospital readmission to enable interventions at the point of need.
The world’s first automated hydration tracking system. In a world where every step we take is meticulously tracked and our heart rates are continuously monitored, why should we settle for outdated manual logs and relying on memory to track our fluid intake?
The Cair and Everon partnership believe everyone’s lives can be improved through innovative solutions and better design. That’s why we pride ourselves on jointly creating telecare and smart technologies that we would all want in our homes.

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