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Our mission is to deliver innovative and trusted digital living solutions that enhance life

As the European market leader in digital grouped living solutions, Everon has been providing digital solutions since 2007 in Finland and Sweden which were introduced into the UK in 2009. This demonstrates we can provide solutions that are trusted across 100,000+ clients p.a.

Through significant investment in innovation over many years, our flexible, cable-free, open platform provides personalised, trusted and sustainable solutions that enhance life. All systems can be quickly configured to suit specific client requirements in any care setting including care homes, assisted living or at home.
Our partnerships demonstrate the flexibility of the technology, allowing bespoke solutions to be available to all our clients.
Peter Kerly
Managing Director of Everon UK


Health, housing, and social care partners can be reassured of the utmost quality, value for money, and future-proofed investment. With cloud-based, secure data sharing, our systems enable one holistic view and deliver proactive service models.

Our digital systems and care tech are designed for older or disabled people, those with dementia, or learning difficulties, and those with long-term needs, providing a truly person-centred solution that enhances life.

Person Centred

Everon was founded in 2004 by our late CEO Markus Merne. At that time, most systems were using basic analogue technology characterised by a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Markus set to his task of a complete change of approach, and ensuring the user was at the heart of everything we do and building bespoke solutions around their individual needs.

Our friendly, dedicated team in the UK has decades of experience in digital healthcare, coupled with a deep understanding of our solutions and how we can best meet the needs of every user.

Leadership Team

Peter Kerly
Managing Director
Lee Balfour
Sales & Marketing Director
Richard Hosier
Head of Product Development
Billy Revell
Head of Field Services
Joe Storey
Head of Support & Logistics
Darren O’Higgins
Senior Account Manager
Pamela Renton
Senior Account Manager
Ben Garofalo
Accounts Assistant
James Ashcroft
Business Development Executive
Anna Perry
Business Development Executive