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The European
market leader in wireless GSM

Providing end to end digital grouped living and home care solutions with over 100,000 connections being utilised across Finland, Sweden, and the UK.
Since the launch of Everon UK in 2009 it has become the fastest growing provider of assisted living solutions and have an installed base across both Local Authorities and Housing Associations alike.
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Trusted. Transparent. Collaborative.

A trusted, transparent approach to customer collaboration means we are fully committed to developing lifelong relationships with our customers and service users alike.

Innovative technology

The Everon Eco system provides the basis for innovative models of care to be delivered in both Supported Living and Care Home Environments with the ability to enhance Care and Hospital Discharge Pathways with the clear objective of keeping service users in their own homes for longer reducing the demand for both Primary and secondary Care Services.
80+ years of
Over 100,000
100% owned by
Everon Group
The integration of Health, Housing and Social care data enables commissioners to take a holistic view of the service user and enables a collaborative working model utilising real time data as the driver for an enhanced care model which Delivers Care and Support to the right service/users & patients at the right location at the right time.
Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Purpose
Customer Charter
— To deliver innovative and trusted digital living solutions that are person centred and support our customers and empowering their independence.
— To enhance Life.
— Our flexible, wireless, open platform provides, personalised, data driven integrated Health and Social Care solutions that enhance life.
— Everon understand and respect that our bespoke digital solutions are used to provide services that enhance life and commit to working collaboratively to innovate and provide solutions that provide a better future for our service users.

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