Better supporting individuals living with learning disabilities

A national charity providing services for people with learning disabilities came to Everon because of the impending digital switch-over. Hft had been looking for organisations capable of meeting its specific requirements.

Access and analyse the data remotely

The existing care system didn't provide the data on who had responded to a call, how long it took for the call to be responded to and what the response was for the individual. With Everon, you can log in remotely which is one of the real big benefits of the system. You don't need to physically download the data from the pager/system.
"We are really pleased with the flexibility and creativity of the Everon system. We like the fact that it is simple to use and are showcasing it both within Hft and to other organisations as part of our consultancy service to demonstrate what can be achieved."
Emma Nichols, Personalised Technology Manager at Hft
Multiple occupancy
With Everon you are able to identify the caller, cancel the call if needed and easily identify who dealt with the issue.
Hft added the Amazon Echo Show, to complement the Everon system which enables staff to video call residents.
No DECT phones needed
Staff answer the alerts on the app from door contacts and pendants via an Android mobile phone.

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