Everon’s operating environments

Care solutions to enable an active living and wellbeing


Our digital care technology has been developed to support an active life allowing vulnerable people to continue to go out. We can “knock down” the four walls. Our systems provide information of the wellbeing of the end users. Data on activity and health is crucial and makes it possible to create safer and purpose supporting living areas without unnecessary limitations. Everon’s solutions allow efficient care to be combined with the wearer’s best given top priority.


Digital security technology is versatile and flexible to support individual needs. Depending on the user, he can be equipped with a Vega GPS watch, Lyra activity sensing bracelet or some other sensor technology. To support new methodology and user management, different adjacent devices can be deployed. Everon boasts a large variety, including door lock sensors and openers, displays, movement sensors, bed sensors, steering devices, etc.


Digital care technology enables safe aging in a home-like environment, but it also brings unforeseen freedom to those living in a facility. The modern and flexible safety system also brings benefits to nursing staff by, for example, providing automatic alerts and presence registration, all available directly in the Everon mobile app.

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