Onon Digital Presence

Revolutionary security with integrity built-in

With the help of artificial intelligence, the Onon Digital Presence service takes security to a whole new level. In a revolutionary way, constant presence and supervision is possible, without any video or image recording.

The idea for the ONon Digital Presence service comes from a vision of being able to be with and supervise people at risk, at all times โ€“ without compromising their integrity. The solution is a camera that, unlike recording video and image sequences, instead converts the events that the camera lens perceives, into completely anonymous icons and explanatory text. To enable this, artificial intelligence is used โ€“ a highly advanced technical intelligence with the ability to understand its surroundings and take action.

No ordinary camera

The camera used in Onon Digital Presence does not record any images or video. Instead, it observes events and learns to recognise different types of actions. These events are transformed into anonymous icons with explanatory text before they are communicated.

The types of events that trigger an alert can be configured for each individual user. This can also be regulated based on time. For example, the camera may notice that the user has got out of bed and gone to the bathroom, but an alert will only be triggered if the user does not return from the bathroom within a certain (pre-configured) time.

Key facts about Onon Digital Presence

  • Complete privacy and safe supervision 24/7
  • Promotes independence, provides peace of mind
  • Reduces unnecessary visits
  • Saves staff time
  • Detects both hard and soft cases
  • Alarms in case of epilepsy
  • No alarm button is needed
  • Creates a quieter work environment for staff
  • Decreases the number of false alarms
  • Uses artificial intelligence to detect deviations
  • A Lyra Cloud-based Call System accessory
Digital presence ensures the userโ€™s safety and opens the doors to a freer and more independent life.
Digital Presence can register and convey alerts for an endless variety of fall accidents. This is one of many examples of how Digital Presence creates security in a ground-breaking way.
Onon Digital Presence is one of the first services that enables constant (digital) supervision without compromising the userโ€™s integrity or dignity.

Onon for nursing homes and care homes

Reduce unnecessary visits and leave residents undisturbed with the knowledge that you will be alerted if they do something unusual.

Onon for use use at home

With Digital Presence, more users can stay in their own homes, do not need to be disturbed unnecessarily, and can do things that contribute to well-being and health.