TEC Action Alliance report - Bridging the Gap

April 17, 2024

The technology enabled care (TEC) sector supports over two million people in the UK. Many of them and their families draw on TEC via care packages commissioned by local authorities or housing providers. Most solutions are delivered in response to crisis.

This month the TEC Action Alliance published a report that explores the opportunities for technology enabled care to provide greater support for people, their loved ones and often unpaid carers.

It sets out a vision for implementing TEC so that we can all live – as they put it – gloriously, ordinary lives. Key recommendations highlight:

  1. The need to re-focus on people and their families.
  2. The need to support people who self-manage their health and wellbeing.
  3. The need to accelerate awareness of TEC options and benefits.
  4. The need to make ‘trustable’ TEC more easily recognised.
  5. The need to move away from pilots to a body of evidence.
  6. The need to address any perceived conflict between personalisation and scale.

Peter Kerly, Managing Director, Everon UK, said: “The recommendations laid out in this Action Paper provide a route map for TEC to be at the forefront personal care excellence in the UK.

“As the TEC Alliance set out, technology enabled care will play a pivotal role in a landscape of budget cuts and system pressures, complementing the excellent work of care professionals, and putting people first.”

Read the report here.

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