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TAPPI Launch 26th October 2021

October 28, 2021

Everon UK are pleased to be associated with the development of the TAPPI report.

I would personally like to thank Jeremy Porteus for his expert leadership and Roy Sandbach OBE who Chaired the TAPPI Inquiry.

The report highlights several vital questions that must be included in further conversations and actions around the deployment of digital technology and also showcases our success with Clarion Homes by being their preferred partner during their digital transition of 200 sheltered schemes across the UK.

  • Best-practice use of technology is a multiagency and multi-sectoral challenge. How can we collaborate better?
  • Inter-agency learning and reapplication of technology insights is key. Who strategically convenes stakeholders for this knowledge sharing? It can’t be accidental. The need deliberate intent.
  • Thirdly, education and training on the value and use of technology in all settings is vital. Everyone needs to get to and stay on the leading-edge, especially given the pace of technological change.

This is exciting and should not be seen as a burden. So, where is the coherent, national strategy for this?

The TAPPI Inquiry will continue to Phase Two, with the aim of taking the TAPPI Principles to create a TAPPI Framework for Action. This will be the practical foundational framework for meaningful technology innovation in housing and care development in the future. Finally, enjoy reading the report. If you take away useful insights, the Panel’s sterling efforts will have been worthwhile. I hope that we can all look forward to a time when enabling technology better supports independence, choice, social engagement, mobility, safety and many other aspects of everyone’s lives, and is expertly and wisely deployed as an integral part of “living better for longer”

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