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SEHTA Med Tech Expo and Conference – Questions Surrounding Patient Safety

October 14, 2022

On the 13th of October 2022 Peter Kerly, Managing Director of Everon UK attended the SEHTA (South East Health Technology Alliance) Med Tech Expo and Conference.

Everon UK are pleased to be a part of the network of innovators, suppliers, and academia, whom we will collaborate with to drive and design our Telehealth service enhancing our current social care offering. www.everon.net

The Expo & Conference’s keynote speaker was Roy Lilley* (NHS Writer, Broadcaster, and commentator).

Roy provided some shocking facts:

  1. 40000 nurses have left the NHS since COVID
  2. in 2 months, 300 Midwives have left the NHS
  3. There is a shortage of 4000 GP’s, resulting in an NHS workforce crisis which, due to the scale, cannot be fixed in the short term or maybe at all.

This raises questions around patient safety.

On the same day, the Metro reported that the NHS patient waiting list has reached over 7,000,000 for first time ever and the queue is growing. *

Is there no better time than now for the NHS to commission technology that improves patient experience, delivers care and support to the right patient at the right time, the right location and reduces the NHS carbon footprint which currently contributes the same levels as Sri Lanka*

Remote vital signs along with solid data on AI and machine learning, will allow the delivery of appropriate interventions which will provide enormous benefits to both Primary and Secondary Care pathways.

To achieve benefits such as the reduction of unplanned visits to GP’s, A&E and subsequent bed days; there needs to be a change of mindset within the Government and the NHS. They need to work collaboratively with Med Tech companies that have the solutions ready to deploy.

Everon UK will be utilising the expertise within the SEHTA membership to showcase our innovative and adoptable solutions whilst making sense of the complexities surrounding health and social care delivery; as well as the clinical challenges the NHS currently faces.

*Roy Lilley – NHS Writer, Broadcaster, commentator and conference speaker | Fab NHS Stuff

*Roy Lilley's NHSManagers.net e-Letter Podcasts on Apple Podcasts.


*Guest post: Calculating the carbon footprint of the NHS in England - Carbon Brief



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