Everon Sweden

Safety in Mariestad municipality

March 9, 2021

Everon Sweden are now close to completing the installations of 1000 number of Origon Hub’s in Mariestad City.
The journey began 4 years ago, when they began to commission the deployment of digital welfare technology and now the Everon Origon welfare technology is installed in over 800 Care Homes across the region.

Everon’s welfare technology is about simplifying everyday life providing peace of mind to all our users and for the staff to create efficiencies utilising our technology to deliver a bespoke model of care.

Mariestad's IT-manager Karin Jonsson commented – “The heart of Everon’s solution is the welfare hub Origon. To be able to deliver bespoke solutions meeting the current needs of our users which allows choice in terms of what peripherals are to be deployed and connected to the Origon hub’s".

Currently there are 64 different accessories that can be connected to the hub and the Lyra platform, including our alarm button and camera solution. We are pleased and excited that we got to install our technology in Mariestad and that they are now part of the Everon family.

Read Mariestad's news about the welfare technical work here >>

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