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iotcomms.io and Everon in collaboration

June 15, 2021

iotcomms.io, a serverless platform for real-time communications services, and Everon, a leading provider of wireless digital health and social care solutions, announce today that they have entered into an agreement for iotcomms.io to provide Alarmbridge and voice communications functionality, enabling Everon to connect its Lyra cloud platform into UK and Europe based Alarm Receiving Centres.

Communications technology for social care and assisted living has been growing in importance for some time and the Covid-19 pandemic has shown a greater need for the utilisation of telecare, and the integration of voice and video elements into new care systems and processes.  In the UK alone, 1.7 million people are dependent on the support of telecare services to support their independence and safety.

The telecare market, however, is highly fragmented, with many different protocols and standards, making it difficult to incorporate modern technology into legacy solutions. iotcomms.io’s Alarmbridge function addresses this issue by simplifying integrations between different parts of the telecare vendor chain.

Everon’s Lyra platform is a wireless and future proofed, cloud-based solution that provides round the clock support for every stage of a person’s care journey, in any care setting. With Alarmbridge, Everon is able to connect their Lyra platform to Alarm Receiving Centres, to send alarms and enable voice communication between care users and alarm agents. Events from telecare and telehealth sensors are sent through the Lyra platform to Alarmbridge where they are converted to a specified analogue or digital output protocol, and then delivered to the Alarm Receiving Centre.

“We are proud to be selected as a vendor for Everon and their modern Lyra platform, to help digitalize the UK and Europe care market with Alarmbridge.”, says Gunnar Reinholdsen, Co-founder at iotcomms.io.

“We are excited to be working with iotcomms.io, to deliver the Alarmbridge to our customers in the UK. Our combined solutions are at the forefront of wireless, digital technology and will provide innovative options for our health, housing and social care partners at any stage of their digital journey.” says Pete Kerly, Managing Director at Everon UK.

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