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Everon's Response to TSA’s Transitioning Your Social Alarms from Analogue to Digital Paper

December 7, 2021

Everon UK would like to commend and support the newly released guidance from the TSA providing vital recommendations on how to achieve a seamless switchover to digital telecare and telehealth solutions.

The guidance advises commissioners to discontinue the purchase of all analogue solutions, to truly drive forward the industry’s digital ambitions. It also supports Everon’s view that converting existing analogue equipment into digital via a scheme installed interface does not maximise the opportunities that a truly cloud based GSM / Wi-Fi driven solution brings to both the service user and the commissioner.

It highlights the importance of key areas to consider and includes call failure statistics which highlight the need for careful planning; particularly around the responsibilities of care providers and the importance of identifying service user and housing requirements.
It raises the benefits of cellular with an integrated resilience and quotes Sweden as a successful and innovative trailblazer in the deployment of GSM solutions.

Finally the report highlights the importance of named Technical Design Owners who have total control over the end-to-end solution. It explains why owning the IP and having in-house Research and Development is so crucial to ensuring a swift and professional response to any issue.

The Everon Platform and associated services are:
1.      Everon UK are ISO 9001/ 14001 / 13485 / 45001 compliant
2.      Totally owned IP by Everon Group
3.      Designed and supported in-house
4.      Manufactured in Europe
5.      Tried and tested across Scandinavia for over 10 years
6.      Cloud based with data stored in Europe – Fully GDPR Compliant
7.      GSM / Wi-Fi driven
8.      Currently going through TSA QSF Approval

All these features are key to delivering a quality driven trusted solution. This is reinforced by our considerable growth Group wide over the last 12 months, and especially in the UK where we have partnered with Clarion Homes for a 10-year period. We will be upgrading over 200 sites to ensure that their residents are safe and secure, supported by a truly end to end digital service.

Click here to read the full guidance on the TSA website.

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