Everon UK

Everon UK Joins TEC Quality’s Trailblazer Supplier Programme

April 20, 2021

As part of its continued growth and commitment to quality within the UK market, Everon UK has joined the TSA Trailblazer Programme to become an approved supplier of Assistive Living Technology Enabled Care.

The Trailblazer Programme will complement Everon’s existing processes and support the industry approved standards that Everon products already comply with including ISO 13485 / 14001 / 9001 AND 14001.

Everon’s first assessment with TSA kicked off on 14 April and was led by Nick Fisher, Head of Customer Operations and Tony Walker, National Sales Manager.

Peter Kerly, Managing Director at Everon UK commented: ‘Everon Group is committed to driving quality and continued improvement with a focus on interoperability, data and product integration into our Lyra platform. The Trailblazer Programme will provide our customers with added reassurance that our digital, integrated, health, housing and social care solutions meet the highest quality and safety standards.’

Helen Rudkin, Quality Manager, TEC Quality commented: “TEC Quality’s Trailblazer Programme represents an evolution in the progression of the TEC sector, and I am delighted to have on board some of the industry’s most progressive supplier organisations to help drive innovation and standards based on the principles of quality, safety and continuous improvement to better the lives of people within their communities.”

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