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Everon UK announces strategic partnership with Siemens

July 5, 2024

Everon, the European market leader in digital grouped living solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Siemens Leasing to help health, housing and social care providers with the cost of adopting the latest in technology enabled care (TEC). 

As an approved partner, the company will be able to provide flexible payment schemes that will allow potential clients to better manage the cost of adopting the next generation of at-home care.  Benefits will include: 

  • Lower up-front cost and monthly payments compared to buying. 
  • Balanced cash outflow and better cash flow management. 
  • Better usage of capital and low capital expenditure. 
  • Tax benefit and depreciation benefit 
  • No risk of obsolescence and no issues with resale. 
  • Quality assets and tailored finance plan. 
  • Convenient and less paperwork. 

Peter Kerly, Managing Director, Everon UK, said: “We want to make it easier for our existing and future clients to invest in our digital solutions with minimal up-front costs. This partnership with Siemens Leasing will help us to achieve that goal. 

“It is an exciting time for Everon as a business and for the TEC sector more broadly as we move closer to the end of analogue in telecare with new digital technologies coming on stream that will ensure people can live independently for longer. 

“We now have the capability to monitor people’s health from anywhere - helping to provide better care, from fall detection to location identification. This new partnership will allow more clients to invest in systems with the potential to transform healthcare as we know it.” 

The strategic partnership with Siemens Leasing comes as many clients consider their options for future investment in digital solutions before 2027 when all analogue telephone services will cease across the UK in favour of digital-only connectivity.  

Everon provides end-to-end digital grouped living and home care solutions with over 100,000 connections in use across Finland, Sweden and the UK.  In March 2024 the company announced new partnerships with Howz, Develco Products IRIS-IoT and Cair to collaborate on a range of new smart assisted living solutions. 

These will link Everon’s devices and sensors with Howz’s machine learning and change detection technology, giving clients the care insights needed to detect issues early and intervene before they escalate. The aim: to improve proactive care within the home and reduce the need for care home and emergency admissions. 

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