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Everon UK Announces Partnership with Aquarate - UK's First Digital Hydration Management Solution

May 20, 2021

Everon UK, a leading provider of digital health and care solutions has added Aquarate, the UK’s first automated hydration tracking solution to its portfolio of services.

Dehydration is a major challenge across care environments in the UK. It accounts for around 35% of hospital admissions from care and nursing homes and is a factor in 12,000 deaths from acute kidney injury every year.

Poor hydration can also lead to complications including kidney disease, increased risk of falls, cardiovascular issues and decreased physical and mental mobility.

Aquarate’s Hydracare Technology is the only system on the market to produce accurate fluid intake data that integrates into care systems. The Hydracup discreetly tracks an individual’s fluid intake by measuring liquid volume automatically, allowing caregivers to proactively provide further fluid management to those who need it the most.

The Hydracare technology platform allows caregivers to access to real time data to track intake, detect spills and highlight any unusual patterns in fluid consumption. Intelligent data monitoring eliminates the need for paper records, saving staff time, increasing accuracy and supporting more high-quality care.

Aquarate Hydracare is fully compatible with Lyra, Everon’s digital, cloud based, health and care solution, which provides round the clock reassurance for people who need it most.

Lyra’s wireless system is built around the unique needs of each individual, from simple pull cords and call buttons, to a combination of smart sensors and wearables, which provide a greater level of support when needed.

Pete Kerly, Managing Director at Everon UK said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Aquarate, to provide a comprehensive fluid monitoring solution for our care home and assisted living clients. Aquarate’s innovative technology fits perfectly with our digital portfolio and will add an extra dimension to our wireless telecare and telehealth monitoring solutions. Hydration plays a key role in wellbeing, and Aquarate is a proactive solution that will help us to support many more people to stay well and avoid hospital admission.”

Rebecca Taylor, Chief Executive at Aquarate said: “Aquarate is proud to be a part of the digitally connected Lyra solution Everon is offering to their customers. Everon's data, now with the Hydracup, will enable partners to deliver proactive and efficient care. The intelligent activity monitoring solution allows carers to identify deterioration quickly, preventing decline and improving quality of life.”

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