Everon renews partnership with Eseye to ensure critical connectivity of its digital health and care solutions

Everon UK, a leading provider of digital health and care solutions has renewed its partnership with Eseye to provide connectivity (SIMS) for its fully digital technology enabled health and care solution.

The partnership with Eseye will ensure Everonโ€™s solutions have the highest level of resilience and reliability built in, which is fundamentally important to the older and vulnerable people Everon supports.

Eseye will provide 24-hour support to Everon, 365 days a year with a robust escalation process in place to investigate and resolve any connectivity issues, at any time. Connectivity is of paramount importance to the safety of Everonโ€™s clients and their service users, and it is essential that any major issues are escalated and resolved quickly.

Richard Hosier, Head of Product Development at Everon UK said: โ€œWe are delighted to have renewed our partnership with Eseye. We have evaluated our levels of support to ensure we have an escalation process which can deal with major connectivity issues immediately, at any time of the day or night. Working with Eseye 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including during public holidays, means we can provide the level of round the clock support that is critically important to the people relying on our services.โ€

Jeremy Wood, Account Director at Eseye said โ€œReliable, ubiquitous cellular connectivity is critical to enabling innovative technologies, such as Everonโ€™s Lyra emergency call system, to achieve its business case. With our market-leading IoT eSIM connectivity solution, we can deliver near 100% connectivity uptime to each telecare alarm device, no matter where itโ€™s located. Eseye is delighted to provide Everon with the high-quality service and support it needs to provide outstanding remote digital care.โ€