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Everon Implements’s Alarmbridge in a Giant Step Towards Assisted Living

September 30, 2022

Everon has implemented iotcomms,io’s Alarmbridge to power its digital grouped living solutions. enables Everon’s digital solutions to communicate with alarm receiving centers only capable of receiving an analogue protocol.

With the analogue to digital transformation underway, there is urgency for local authorities, housing associations and service providers to move away from analogue connectivity to solutions and products that connect digitally, in order to ensure service users' safety. Hence the need to replace analogue systems with digital solutions that are specifically designed to work on the new digital infrastructures. 

Faced with the challenge whereby alarm receiving centres are unable to accept and handle digital alarm calls; thus delaying the analogue to digital transition, Everon’s digital grouped living solution with iotcomms Alarm bridge allows local authorities, housing associations and service providers to deploy digital solutions, that connect to their alarm receiving centres via an analogue protocol.  

Everon is pleased to have been supported by PPP Taking Care in integrating its grouped living solution to enable their customer, Cathedral charities/St Marys, in connecting their digital equipment to their Tunstall PNC system. 

“We are happy that Everon has chosen our Alarmbridge for their modern solutions. The ability to handle both analogue and digital protocols is something we see important to make a smooth migration to a digital offering”, says Gunnar Reinholdsen at

“On behalf of St Marys Almshouses ,I would like to thank your whole team for their diligent work. A lot of time and attention has been spent which has enabled us to return to our control centre of choice” says Susan Porter, Scheme Manager at St Marys Almshouses.

For service providers, local authorities and housing associations who want to start an analogue to digital journey, Everon’s digital solutions provide a trusted way forward.  

“This has been a demanding, but an exciting project for Everon in Finland and UK to move to completion. Our R&D team in Finland have worked tirelessly to complete this project. has been a delight to work with. We are so pleased that we have opened the doors for all local authorities, housing associations and service providers to progress with earnest their analogue to digital transformation”, says Richard Hosier, Head of Product Development at Everon UK.

Everon is the European market leader in digital grouped living solutions. Our flexible, wireless, open platform provides personalised, trusted and sustainable solutions that enhance life. We’re excited to work with local authorities, housing associations and service providers who share our passion for Technology Enabled Care.

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