Digital switch-over deadline extended but TEC sector needs to maintain momentum to deliver patient safety

May 30, 2024

January 2027 is the new date set for the start of a new digital era and the end of analogue telephone operated services across the UK 

Openreach announced this month it would be giving more time for business to prepare for the long-trailed upgrade in telecoms infrastructure to digital connectivity.  The decision is aimed at minimising the risk of any disruption to service. 

This will mean an extra 13 months for the technology-enabled care (TEC) sector – as well as those who commission health and care services – to be ready when the final switch comes. 

The TSA, the industry body for the TEC sector has given the extension a cautious welcome, saying it reflects the complexities involved in such a vast national transition.  

The investment decisions made now by the sector and its partners in housing, and health and social care, will have urgent implications for the millions of vulnerable people who rely on telecare in the UK. 

The transition has already begun with BT no longer selling analogue devices and Everon UK has backed industry-wide calls for the momentum to date to be sustained and related actions accelerated. 

Peter Kerly, Managing Director, Everon UK, said: “We support the TSA in its response to the decision by Openreach to extend the deadline for digital switch over. 

“However, action and careful planning are urgently required now so that telecare and social alarm reliability and safety is not compromised, putting lives at risk. 

“We have the digital-solutions ready to support the TEC sector and the broader health and social care landscape to help make this transition to digital quickly and smoothly without compromising safety. 

“This is a real opportunity to devise and implement new tech-led personalised services and product offerings that will transform the level of service the sector provides to service-users.” 

Visit the TSA website to read more about the Digital Switchover, including a podcast and video explainer.  Searching for the latest digital solutions for the TEC sector? Visit: 

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