This is a quick guide to using the new PDF report function within the reports tool of the Everon portal

From the Home page click on the “Reports and statistics” tab

Choose the “Reports” option

Use the various filters for date/ time and routings/devices to filter the report to your requirement.

When the filtering options have been set and the Apply button is pressed. The specific report will now be listed on the screen. It is possible to expand the details of each alert using the + icons to the left on each alert.

You will also see that there is the option to export the report as either as CSV file or a PDF file.

When you choose PDF you will see you can specify the email address that the report link will be sent to.

The report can take up to 15 minutes to generate depending on the amount of data is required to be exported to the report.

An email will be sent to the address entered into the address box. This email could be filtered to your spam inbox.

The email will show the senders address “Everon System” and will indicate a report is ready to be downloaded.

Upon opening the email you will see a hyperlink is available called “Download report”.

Click on the “Download report” to open the Everon Portal.

Login using your portal credentials. This ensures that the correct user is given access to the report.

Upon the portal launching the Home page a popup will indicate there is a file to either open or save.

You can now choose to view the file immediately or save it.

Upon opening the file you will see each alert set out from newest through to oldest based on the filters you applied to the report.

Each alert will indicate the timings of each event related to that alert.