Vega GPS Watch

GPS watch with voice communication


GPS watch with voice communication

Digital care technology supports activity. To facilitate the mobility of elderly people or other people with support and assistance needs, including those with cognitive challenges. Everon’s Vega GPS watch is a technological assistive tool to primarily provide safety to the wearer but which greatly gives peace of mind to family members.

The Vega GPS watch is meant to be worn on the wrist or around the neck. There are lockable or buckle straps, as well as a belt-clip, with which the device can be attached to a lanyard. The Vega GPS watch boasts several critical features to say that this is the only functioning solution in the whole world for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Technical information:

  • Completely water proof without any openings or latches to insert plugs or SIM cards to compromise this and allows the wearer to take showers without taking the device off,
  • Charged whilst worn so it never has to be taken off the wearer,
  • Features a base station to provide a home zone and to prevent a false alert at a power outage,
  • Has no ON/OFF switch and cannot be turned off by mistake,
  • Can be locked to the wearer,
  • Can be connected to professional monitoring central stations with Everon Suite or through an integration to existing platforms,
  • Two-way speaker phone and the dialing can be remotely managed to connect a search team with the wearer by voice,
  • Form factor to suit continuous use
  • Size of the GPS watch: 65 × 46 × 19 mm (l×w×d)
  • Weight 48 g
  • Waterproof,  IP57-classification