Multifunction Solutions

Remote consultation to support the customer

Safety always near you

With a digital multifunctional platform, all relevant parties can get a better view on the quality of care and the health status of the user. The systems are available with rather simple and intuitive applications in the palm of care staff or family members and of course, clinicians. The platform boasts several unique features and Everon is proud to disclose that recent research confirms an average 18 minutes-per-day resource consumption per staff member in comparison to an average of 45-60 minutes on other mobile journal platforms. This is remarkable as these tasks are required by law within care in most European countries and Everon’s customers can count on that HR cost being used efficiently on actual care.

The solutions include the recording of routines and patient data, including automatic or manual vital signs collection, as well as the recording of subjective data in an objective and structured format. The latter includes exact estimation tools for mood, eating, urinating, activity, etc. This has been a cutting edge technological launch and the next steps include assisted medical examinations and GP consultation over the internet. The big difference is the inclusion of high definition video scopes, accurate analytical examination measurement tools.

All these digital care and service platforms combined give the customers the right tools to survive and improve their operations in times of austerity and efficiency improvement. The platforms have been developed from the beginning to also provide access and participation by family carers.