Management Tools

System management tools

Everon system management tools

It is easy to add, remove or otherwise modify alert or device settings through online management portals. The tools provide access to quick and easy renaming of devices or to set or change alerts or settings. This creates cost-efficiency and can be carried out on site without the assistance of any support staff. All customers can easily manage their own systems without having to call customer support.

Help desk and training

Our professional and friendly customer support can solve most problems already during the phone call. In order to get the most out of the system and to maintain a high service level, seamless customer support is critical. Everon’s support is there to warrant security and care for everyday life, be it in any customer environment.

As an important stage of any installation, a proper onboarding and training is carried out by the team once the installations, system definitions, system testings have been completed.

The system administrators receive a training, after which they are able to define system functionality and utilize system reporting features.

The user training normally contains at least:

  • Base stations and terminals, a device features and settings overview and deployment of equipment
  • Creating and receiving alertsIndications and signaling
  • Using the mobile alert applications
  • Entering and handling user data
  • Support issues

The system administrators are taught the following:

  • Adding and setting new devices and their functionality
  • Login to relevant Everon management tools
  • Management tool usage
  • Device settings and reports
  • Operators, credentials, rights