Lyra Nurse Call

Wireless Facility Care Solution

Lyra Wireless Nurse Call System

Lyra is a mobile and wireless holistic nursing, security and surveillance system for a wide variety of nursing uses..

It is an adaptive system that is easy to install and adapt to changing needs. Lyra is an easy to use and versatile system that has been involved in the design of a number of Finnish nursing professionals, universities and specialists.

Lyra is also the simplest to use and deploy. Connecting new devices takes place through the intuitive “Press and Play” method.

Examples of Lyra-associated features:

  • Nurse call
  • Exit control
  • Security alerts for staff
  • Requests for attendance, acknowledgment and additional requests
  • Camera surveillance
  • Cameras
  • Access control
  • Door phones
  • Supported access control (electric locks)
  • Mobile recording platform