Camera Solutions

Real-time security for everyone

Everon Camera Solutions

Real-time safety is possible with a digital camera solution. Cameras offer added safety in a variety of cases, ranging from monitoring an entrance to paying night-time camera visits instead of home care units physically driving to the customer. Our camera visit solution already meets the emerging requirements on integrity protection, already in use for example in Sweden. The cameras turn away facing the wall when there is no authorized visit.

The camera visits may be scheduled and this means that staff may receive reminders, just like for an ordinary visit. The system logs all visits. The cameras also have night vision to give the same capabilities in complete darkness, thus avoiding to unnecessarily wake up the user.

The cameras can be used as separate units or they can be integrated as a Lyra monitoring device.

We use international camera brands, such as Amcrest, Axis, or Hikvision in our solutions.

Technical information:

  • 720P WiFi Video Monitoring Security Wireless IP Camera with Pan/Tilt
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Plug & Play Setup
  • Optional Cloud Recording
  • Full HD 720P (1280TVL) @ 30FPS
  • Super Wide 85° Viewing Angle and Night Vision (IPM-721S)