Innovation for Health and Care

Intelligent Technical Solutions

The Lyra cloud-based call system is designed to offer confidence and reassurance to people in need of support, and their care providers in any accommodation setting.

Any user can quickly and easily contact someone when they need help, with a bespoke, wireless, cloud-based call system which is designed for their exact care needs. Care providers can rest assured that they will be notified whenever someone needs them.

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The Lyra call system operates via a simple app on an ordinary smart phone


Base stations can be located and configured to suit any unique accommodation setting


Keyless entry locks can be installed on any door to help keep people safe

Origon – the Heart of the Solution

The multi-function Origon Hub connects our digital solutions, equipped with wireless roaming SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth and embedded SIM digital communication technologies. The system is designed to ensure no central point of failure and monitors user location. Additional Smart sensors and wearables are simply installed on-site using Press and play functionality without having to send an engineer. Every Origon Hub is capable of connecting up to 64 wireless devices.

Cameras – Making Care Efficient and Safe

Digital supervision is one of the most clever and efficient way of enabling safety. This service can be tailored to suit accommodation as well as common rooms and areas. It is not meant as a substitute for physical presence, rather a complement to increase safety. Digital supervision allows the staff to make a more efficient selection of their efforts, it can be used as a schedule routine, activated by movement or with notification from other devices, e.g. door alert.

Vega – Enables a Self-sufficient Life

The Vega GPS Watch has been developed especially for people with dementia or other cognitive impairment, to allow them to live a more active, safer and freer life. With the help of GPS and GSM positioning, the Vega GPS Watch wearer can move freely within a pre-configured safe zone. A new position alert is sent every minute, which makes it easy for family members, carers or emergency services to follow the wearer via computer, smartphone or tablet.

Vega gps watch

Onon – Revolutionary Security

The idea for the Onon Digital Presence service comes from a vision of being able to be with and supervise people at risk, at all times – without compromising their integrity. The solution is a camera that, unlike recording video and image sequences, instead converts the events that the camera lens perceives, into completely anonymous icons and explanatory text. To enable this, artificial intelligence is used – a highly advanced technical intelligence with the ability to understand its surroundings and take action.


Everon Mobile App – Easy to Use

Everon Mobile App is an intelligent app for alert receiving used by nurses and care givers. Every accessory, when alerted, will send a notification to all mobile handsets logged-in to the system at that time, allowing carers to respond quickly and efficiently. The app is user friendly and easy to use.

Lock Solutions

We have intelligent digital lock solutions for home care as well as care homes. Instead of having to handle keys, the nurses and staff uses Everon Mobile App, tags or bracelets. With our care home solution, every lock is private and only unlock for the caretaker who lives in the apartment.