Dispersed Alarms for use at home

For safety and independence

We believe in enabling people at risk to feel safe and independent in their own homes

“Home is where the heart is.” It’s true. We all love our own homes, which is why it’s particularly important for people at risk (elderly, those with dementia or learning difficulties) to live at home for as long as possible. Home care can provide a quality of life that may not come from assisted living or a nursing home or care home.

But how do you ensure that your loved one is always safe in their home when you can’t be there with them? How would you know if they had a trip or fall? How would you know if they had left the house, or where they had gone?

We can help you to answer all of these questions with our simple call systems for use at home that can be tailored to suit your unique requirements.

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Our call system for use at home operates via a simple app on an ordinary smart phone.


Wearable call buttons can be pressed wherever and whenever required, creating a direct link between you and your loved one.


Discreet infra-red motion sensors can be time configured and placed anywhere in the home.

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Lyra Call System for use at home

The Lyra call system can be quickly and simply installed into any home, ensuring that anyone in need of help can always access it. The component accessories that complement the call system (e.g. wearable call button, pull cord, motion sensor) are available in any combination, allowing you to build the call system that perfectly meets your needs.

Lyra call system

Vega GPS watch for use at home

The Vega GPS watch offers an additional level of reassurance that you will always know where your loved one is, even if they leave their home.

This is particularly valuable for someone with dementia or mental health problems who may be prone to leaving the house but may not always know how to get back home. Safe zones can be configured to allow a defined level of freedom.

The Vega GPS watch is available as part of the Lyra call system for use at home or as a separate solution.

CCTV for use at home

A CCTV camera installed within your loved one’s home will enable constant remote supervision.

This may be particularly valuable if you need to check on them throughout the night without disturbing them.

Onon – virtual presence at home

With the help of artificial intelligence, Onon allows you to be with and remotely supervise your loved one at all times, without compromising their privacy, and with minimal disruption to your own life.

Onon can be programmed to alert you whenever your loved one does something unexpected.