Assisted Living

Customised Solutions for Every Resident

People living in sheltered accommodation or assisted living can be independent or can have substantial needs due to a variety of conditions. Therefore, it can be crucial that when someone needs assistance it is easy to use and efficient, ensuring the most appropriate response is there in good time.

The Lyra warden call system offers the required flexibility to ensure that the appropriate cover can be delivered in line with their needs. This flexibility also lends itself to a Hospital Discharge pathway. Residents may only need a pull cord or call button to press within their home, while others with more challenging conditions may require the reassurance of a combination of both smart sensors and wearables.

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Our nurse call system for assisted living operates via a simple app on an ordinary smart phone


Base stations can be located and configured to suit any unique accommodation setting


Keyless entry locks can be installed to keep people safe and to help prevent resident migration

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Nurse Call System for Assisted Living

The Lyra cloud-based call system can be quickly and simply installed into any sheltered accommodation or assisted living setting, ensuring that anyone in need of help can always access it. The component accessories that complement the call system (e.g. wearable button, pull cord, keyless entry) are available in any combination, allowing you to build the call system that perfectly complements your resident’s needs

Lyra call system

CCTV for Assisted Living

A CCTV camera installed within an assisted living setting will enable constant supervision of residents.

This could be deployed as a safety measure against migration or to enable remote checks on your residents throughout the night.

Onon Virtual Presence for Assisted Living

With the help of artificial intelligence, Onon allows you to be with, and supervise your residents at all times, without comprising their privacy, and with minimal visits.

Onon can be programmed to alert you whenever your resident does something unexpected.