Everon in action at Finnish Housing Fair favorite

At Container House Opaali, object number 28 of the Finnish Housing Fair in Mikkeli, Everon is showcasing its wireless safety solutions, such as its location enabled alarm wristlets, camera surveillance and the Q-1 mobile sprinkler system.

Just like the Container House, Everon’s technology is built in a modular fashion so as to provide easy adaptability. The Q-1 mobile water spray sprinkler sits well with the interior and complements the other safety solutions of the property. Alongside with the increased fire safety provided by the sprinkler, residents can also press a calling wristlet or an alarm button at the door, to open a voice and video connection from the building if the situation requires. While moving outside, residents can take the Everon Vega GPS watch with them, which offer precise location services should the need arise.

The Opaali house is proving to be one of the most attention-gathering objects at the fair, with regular queues of tens of meters as visitors have been eager to familiarise themselves with the building and its modern technology.